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Confined Space Training

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Train Me is a training organisation dedicated to offering a range of education and development opportunities to people across a number of industries. Our confined space refresher course is an accredited training program that aims to teach participants how to appropriately enter a confined space when they must do so in a professional setting.
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Confined Space – Course Overview

This course will teach participants how to safely enter a confined space when working with a valid permit to do so. It is designed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that assist participants in…

  • Identifying the hazards of a confined space.
  • Working safely within a confined space (in accordance with a permit)
  • How to operate a variety of equipment in a confined space.


A confined space can be an area such as a storage tank, certain vessels, sewers, boilers, pipes and other areas. During the course, participants will learn how to identify a confined space to ensure they always approach a task with the right precautions and responsibilities in mind.
This course is well suited to a variety of people in different roles. This includes, but is not limited to, mine managers, electrical engineers, OHS officers, safety personnel and inspectors, transportation workers and many more.

Offering a Range of Other Courses and Training Opportunities

Along with confined space training, Train Me is dedicated to offering people throughout Sydney a range of courses that develop the skills and knowledge of those who participate. From dogman training to rigging courses, forklift licence training and more, we offer dozens of options that aim to help you upskill and further your career.

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