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TLIF2080 Safely Access The Rail Corridor

Course Overview

The Safely Access the Rail Corridor course (previously known as RISI) is a nationally recognised competency (TLIF2080 – Safely Access the Rail Corridor).  An individual cannot access the rail corridor for work purposes without acquiring this competency.

The course provides participants with awareness of the important safety requirements and hazards as well as legal obligations that they need to identify and eventually deal with as they work in the rail corridor. Hand signals are taught, worksite protection management and basic rules for those in the danger zone.


1 Day


Individuals who are required to perform work in the Transport for NSW rail corridor or for those who are seeking employment in the NSW rail industry.

Entry Requirements

Age Restriction

Over 17 years of age.

If an individual under 17 wishes to attend this course, a letter (on company letterhead) by the individual’s organisation needs to be sent to training@trainme.com.au or sent to 26 Bosci Road, Ingleburn, NSW, 2565, stating:

Specific details of the type of work the applicant is to be doing
The level of supervision to be provided in the workplace
Name(s) of the supervisor(s) and their current RSW and/or Transport Operator role RIW card numbers

Upon receipt of this letter to us, we will then forward to Transport for NSW for consideration.  Please allow 10 working days for a determination.  When a response is provided from Transport for NSW we will then contact you to advise accordingly, and if successful enrol the individual into the RISI course.

Language & Literacy

This course requires good English language / literacy.  If you believe you may have some challenges with the English language or literacy, please contact us on (02) 9733 3600 and we will assess, to the best of our ability, whether you have the appropriate level to take the course.  Please see the PRE-ENROLMENT INFORMATION tab for further information on the Language / Literacy assessment process.


Assessment is a combination of written questions/answers and practical demonstrations.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of rail terminology
Basic signalling indications
Rules and regulations for people working in the rail corridor
Knowledge of a safe place
Electrical safety
Personal & legal requirements of fatigue, drugs and alcohol

On Completion

Upon successful completion of training, participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for TLIF2080 – Safely Access the Rail Corridor.

Training Days & Locations

We deliver this course every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and will schedule additional days if a client requires this, on their premises, if minimum numbers are reached.

Below are the training locations of where this course is delivered:

Chullora (08:00 – 16:00) – Tuesdays & Saturdays
Work Care Medical Pty Ltd
Unit 7, No. 4 Brunker Road
Chullora  NSW  2200
(this location is a training venue only, Train ME RTO administration is not located at this address, they are located at Ingleburn)

Ingleburn (Train Me RTO Head Office) (07:30 – 16:00) – Thursdays
26 Bosci Road, Ingleburn  NSW  2565

Course Flyer

Link to the Safely Access the Rail Corridor Course Flyer



The RIW card will be issued on the provision that the participant has passed a Category 3 Medical examination. These examinations can only be performed by a Transport for NSW approved medical practitioner.  To view authorised health practitioners go to this website http://railindustryworker.com.au/

Train Me RTO provides access to the medical practitioner on the day of training to complete your Category 3 Medical.  The medical takes place AFTER the training and assessment is complete.  You will be required to bring photo ID to complete the medical.


The RISI competency never expires, however, the Cat 3 Medical lasts for a maximum of 5 years unless a particular health condition requires earlier re-examination.

FAQ’s About the Safely Access the Rail Corridor Course

Why do you need to do this training?

This course aims to establish a national approach to competency management for those working in rail. The rail safety worker program meets regulatory requirement and complies with national rail safety law.

You must have completed this course before entering the rail corridor to work.

Medical Requirements

The medical criteria for this course is successful completion of a Category 3 Health Assessment (hearing, vision, mobility) and drug and alcohol screening (breath & urine analysis).  The medical assessment must be conducted by a Transport for NSW authorised medical practitioner.

For your convenience, we offer on-site medicals at both training locations.

To find an approved medical practitioner in your area, please visit: http://railindustryworker.com.au/health-professionals

What happens after you successfully complete this course and Cat 3 Medical with Train Me RTO?

Your Statement of Attainment and a copy of your medical report will be sent to you, if you are a sole trader, or the company if you aren’t a sole trader, by Train Me RTO within 3-7 working days.

You (if you are a sole trader and have your own ABN number) or your company then need to organise to have a RIW Card issued.  Follow the steps below to achieve this:

  1. Go to railindustryworker.com.au and click on ‘register now’ and register company details.  Once registered, your company will receive a login. A profile can then be created for you.
  2. Once an individual is registered, a copy of your Statement of Attainment and medical report can be uploaded against your profile.  The files should be in PDF or JPG format.  The card will not be issued until all the steps, including mandatory file uploads, have been completed.
  3. Payment for your Rail Industry Worker ($110.00) card can be made online using Visa or MasterCard.  This payment is made by your company or you, if you are a sole trader.  Alternatively, with prior approval, accounts can be established for larger organisations.  After payment has been made an individual booking form for you will be emailed to the company.
  4. The employee must take the booking form and 100 points of identification to an Australia Post outlet. Australia Post will confirm their personal details and take a photo for the Rail Industry Worker card.  It must be a full Australia Post outlet, not an agency.  Click this link POST OFFICE to find a participating post office.
  5. Providing all evidence has been uploaded and complies with the relevant business rules, the Rail Industry Worker card will be mailed within 48 hours.  All cards will be delivered via Australia Post Registered Post. A unique tracking number will be provided via email/SMS with each delivery.


Participant Requirements

Wear enclosed shoes and appropriate clothing including long pants (no clothing should be red or green).

Participant Handbook

For information about Train Me RTO fees and refund policy, complaints and appeals process, please read the Participant Handbook prior to completing enrolment forms.

USI Number

All participants must have a USI number to enrol in training.  If you do not yet have one, please visit this website www.usi.gov.au to create one.  Click “Create USI”

Please call (02) 9733 3600 for more information.

Language & Literacy

This course requires good English language / literacy.  If you believe you may have some challenges with the English language or literacy, please contact us on 1300 522 229 and we will assess, to the best of our ability, whether you have the appropriate level to take the course.  This assessment will include a phone interview and if required, a visit to our Head Office in Ingleburn to complete a Language and Literacy written assessment.  Based on the outcome of this assessment we will advise if you can continue to enrol in this course or pathway you to a local TAFE or Community College to enrol into an appropriate course to improve your English language / literacy.

If you are assessed as not having the appropriate level of English / literacy and still wish to enrol and are deemed Not Yet Competent at the conclusion of the course, Train Me RTO will not refund you your course cost.  On the same note, if we assess you as having the appropriate English language / literacy and are deemed Not Yet Competent at the conclusion of the course, Train Me RTO will not refund you your course cost.

Cancelling the Medical After the Course

As the medicals are scheduled AFTER course completion, if you are deemed Not Yet Competent on completion, you can cancel the medical and request a refund for this.


Course Quick Facts

  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Cost

    Course Cost: $210.00. Cat 3 Medical Cost: $230 weekday courses, $250 for Saturday courses.

  • Entry Requirements

    Ability to speak, read and understand English well and be over 17 years of age

  • Assessments

    Theory & Practical Assessments for Course / Bring Photo ID for the Cat3 Medical

  • Training Dates

    Every Tuesday and Saturday at Chullora and every Thursday at Ingleburn Extra Course: Monday 12 November 2018, Monday 26 November 2018

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